About Stewart Guitars

Stewart Guitar Company is dedicated to producing full-size, full-scale guitars designed for easy travel. Our guitars look right, feel right, and most importantly, play right. You don't have to adjust your playing style to fit the guitar or change your normal playing position. You just play.

Every Stewart guitar is equipped with the patented, Clip-Joint™ Neck Connection System, or more simply, the Clip-Joint™. With this unique piece of hardware, you can snap the neck off of the guitar body in seconds and convert the guitar to a much smaller package for traveling. You can use the well-padded travel bag, which is included with each guitar or simply pack the guitar in your luggage.

A Note About Travel:

Traveling with a guitar can be risky. You have to get your guitar through TSA and the airlines gate and hope that it doesn't have to be checked.

TSA: “You may carry one (1) musical instrument in addition to 1 carry-on and 1 personal item through the screening checkpoint. This is a TSA Screening Policy. Airlines may or may not allow the additional carry-on item on their aircraft. Please check with your airline before you arrive at the airport.”

Once you're through the TSA screening then you have to deal with the folks at the gates. Although each airline has individual carry on restrictions, in general most will allow a 22x14x9 carry on and one personal item. You should read closely the policy of the airlines that you're traveling on. The easiest way to avoid any surprises is to stay within the personal item and carry on 22x14x9 footprints.

The following are a few of the major airlines and their carry on restrictions:

American Airlines , Continental , Delta , Southwest Airlines , United Airlines , US Air


The Clip-Joint™
At the heart of every Stewart travel guitar is the Clip-Joint Neck Connection System. Machined from steel this system allows the neck of a normal size guitar to snap on/off in just a few seconds. When the neck is removed the overall size of the guitar is reduced making it ideal for traveling or storage in a small space.
The Stow-Away™
The Stow-Away travel guitar has been optimized for travel by using a headless tuning system which allows an even smaller sized travel package while maintaining a full body and standard size neck. With an built-in neck storage cavity in the back of the Stow-Away the thickness of the body and neck is only 3.25 inches.
The Road-Runner™
The Road-Runner travel guitar is a standard headstock styled guitar. The full body and standard size neck makes the Road-Runner instantly playable without having to adjust to a different size or different shaped body. Fitted with Standard tuning machines the Road-Runner meets all of your guitar needs.