The Clip-Joint
The Clip-Joint™ Neck Connection System provides a superior method of attaching the neck to a guitar. The neck can be quickly removed (without tools) for easy travel or compact storage.

The Clip-Joint™ accomplishes this with three main components (see diagram above): the body connector, the neck plate and thumbscrews. Machined from steel, the body connector fits snugly around the guitar body in the neck pocket area, effectively sandwiching the wooden body between two pieces of steel. The steel neck plate is attached to the neck with eight (8) wood screws. Two thumbscrews pass through the bottom (back) of the connector, through the guitar body and into the threaded holes in the steel neck plate. When the neck is lowered into playing position the thumbscrews can be (hand) tightened to keep the neck secure.

The result? A traditional guitar that looks normal and plays normal with excellent sustain and stability and the ability to remove the neck in seconds without loosening the strings. All features found on any quality guitar such as truss rods, fully adjustable saddles and standard fretboards are incorporated into the Stewart Guitar. Great for easy storage or travel.
The Clip-Joint™
At the heart of every Stewart travel guitar is the Clip-Joint Neck Connection System. Machined from steel this system allows the neck of a normal size guitar to snap on/off in just a few seconds. When the neck is removed the overall size of the guitar is reduced making it ideal for traveling or storage in a small space.
The Stow-Away™
The Stow-Away travel guitar has been optimized for travel by using a headless tuning system which allows an even smaller sized travel package while maintaining a full body and standard size neck. With an built-in neck storage cavity in the back of the Stow-Away the thickness of the body and neck is only 3.25 inches.
The Road-Runner™
The Road-Runner travel guitar is a standard headstock styled guitar. The full body and standard size neck makes the Road-Runner instantly playable without having to adjust to a different size or different shaped body. Fitted with Standard tuning machines the Road-Runner meets all of your guitar needs.