Ordering Information
Please call or email for availability. The following features are standard on all Stewart Guitars and are included in the base price:

Double cutaway solid wood body with full body contours (except as noted in options) and 3/8" rounded edges; solid colors with nitrocellulose lacquer or polyester, 25 1/2" scale maple neck with rosewood finger board, chrome Grover locking tuners (where applicable); 3 single coil pickups mounted on a white/black/white pickguard.
Model Part # Base Price
Stow-Away (Import) $599.95
Stow-Away (Custom)   $1649.95
Road-Runner $1499.95
Figured Maple top (Deluxe) DL $240.00
Sunburst Finish SB $165.00
Pearloid Pickguard PPG $55.00
Black Pickguard BPG $45.00
Humbucker (Rear Route) HRR $90.00
The Clip-Joint™
At the heart of every Stewart travel guitar is the Clip-Joint Neck Connection System. Machined from steel this system allows the neck of a normal size guitar to snap on/off in just a few seconds. When the neck is removed the overall size of the guitar is reduced making it ideal for traveling or storage in a small space.
The Stow-Away™
The Stow-Away travel guitar has been optimized for travel by using a headless tuning system which allows an even smaller sized travel package while maintaining a full body and standard size neck. With an built-in neck storage cavity in the back of the Stow-Away the thickness of the body and neck is only 3.25 inches.
The Road-Runner™
The Road-Runner travel guitar is a standard headstock styled guitar. The full body and standard size neck makes the Road-Runner instantly playable without having to adjust to a different size or different shaped body. Fitted with Standard tuning machines the Road-Runner meets all of your guitar needs.